Hello there! My name is Simon and I developed a passion for cooking at home in my early twenties..

Now, I am not a professional Chef, nor do I consider myself an expert in any form, what I do have is an upmost desire to have fun cooking for, and with friends and family!

I can be quite hard on myself when things go a little wrong..as they do at times. The pleasure I truly get is seeing someones face light up when they start to eat something I have created, whether the dish was a high level of difficulty, or as simple as can be, the reaction always brings pride and joy, and encourages me to move further forward in my culinary adventures.

Through my travels, I have discovered so many dishes that brought happiness and joy as I tasted things in other countries for the first time.

I must admit, I have a strong passion for all kinds of Asian food, the colours, smells, textures and tastes, sweet, sour, spicy, nutty, savoury bring my taste buds awake like no other.

My new found passion has been for Italian food. I have made a lasagna for over 30 years, that some mention is the best they have had, but I never truly discovered real Italian food until a trip to Italy with my Wife. It was a most remarkable tour de force of food I have never quite tasted the like of, in a country that is so passionate with it’s food. I have been trying to replicate those many dishes we shared at home since our return. This is where I discovered Pizza, the ‘real’ pizza of Napoli! I fell so much in love with the Neopolitan way of making their pizza, that I purchased a wood burning pizza oven from Florence later that year.

My Heritage is from the British Isles. I was born in Oxford England, and grew up in a town called Reading until the age of 26, when I then emigrated to Canada in 1990.

My Son mentioned to me that I needed a hobby, a hobby that would keep me busy and he suggested that I start my own website on my adventures of cooking at home……

So here we are, the purpose of this site is to share my experiences, not to ‘teach’, but to have fun cooking, have fun eating and most of all, hopefully you all have fun with me!

My intent is to add a couple or so recipes each week, these are mainly adapted from originals and modified at times to suit personal taste preferences (yes i do put peas in my lasagna…..).

I hope you enjoy the experience, and please share them with me so I can enjoy your experience and hopefully see the smile on your face!!

Bon Appetit……..